Alice Sahhar

Fri Oct 3, 2008

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 Alice Sahhar was a unique woman who gave her life to children. Click here for picture.

Sadly Alice passed away in hospital in Jerusalem on Thursday 2nd of October 2008. Our thoughts are with her daughter, Samar, and the children of Bethany who have also lost their mother.

A favourite prayer of Alice

If you are caring for others,God cares for you 
As you give your life to others, God blesses you 
As you pour out your love, God pours His love to you 
God bless and guide you, God strengthen and refresh you. 
May God give you courage and hope, 
So that His dear loving care is revered through you.

Alice Sahhar / Jeel al Amal Boys home Bethany

Jeel al-Amal (Generation of Hope) School and Boys Home was founded in 1972 by two Christian Palestinians, Alice and her husband Basil Sahhar in the village of Bethany to the east of Jerusalem. Basil died in 1987 and Alice spent the rest of her days continuing the work. Their daughter, Samar, opened the Lazarus Home for Girls, next door and now, with the death of her mother, will bear much of the responsibility for both homes. There are more than 600 children in the Jeel al Amal primary school and around 80 boys live in the Boys Home.

Jeel al Amal changes lives and many are the pilgrims who over the years have been moved and amazed by its work. The McCabe Educational Trust supports the running costs of Jeel with a monthly remittance and, with your help, we will be able to fund some of the much needed improvements.

The McCabe Educational Trust is committed to the ongoing welfare of the Jeel al Amal Boys Home and the Lazarus Girls Home in Bethany. With your help we will redouble our efforts to give Samar emotional and financial support during this sad time of change and uncertainty. Any donations or letters can be sent via the McCabe office. Click here to open newsletter

A special Thank You to McCabe pilgrims who helped us raise £7,368 during September

- a total of £111,605 so far this year!

With your help, we will continue helping those in need we encounter on our travels.

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