Mon Feb 26, 2007




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Samar Sahhar writes about a special day in Bethany. 

The sounds of drums and Palestinian music are filling the air of Bethany as the girls of the Lazarus Home perform a folkore dance, so beautifully dressed that they look exactly like the flowers that came out of the seed which was planted ten years ago to start our Home. Today we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Lazarus Home. 

Our festivities are introduced by the 8 year old Samah who gives a speech in Arabic thanking our guests, the social welfare office and her teachers at the school. Everybody is amazed at her reading. 10 year old Nadia also gives a wonderful speech. 

So many friends have come to share lunch with us! We are eating Mujadarah, a famous Palestinian meal of lentils and rice. A big candle is lit as we all sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wish each other many happy returns and pray that the Lord may help us with our mission in raising up these girls to a better future. 

The climax comes at the end and is a total surprise when we give special award certificates to girls who have achieved remarkable progress. Bara has learned how to read and write at a rather late age. Nofa has an ambition to go to university and Salam has become quite an expert in sewing. 

Please join your hands with ours so that we can continue doing good work at Lazarus for these girls. I want to thank all of our friends at McCabe for their support and interest in the children of the Jeel-Al-Amal home and the Lazarus Home for girls. 

In Christ, 
Samar Sahhar Lazarus Home Administrator 











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