Tue Jul 1, 2008

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Our friends at the Al Shurooq School for the Blind in Bethlehem are looking for qualified volunteer staff. We are circulating this appeal to friends in the hope that you may know of an individual or organisation that could help.click here



Helen Shehadeh (First picture above) writes: 

“We hope to move into our new school building in September, the beginning of the new school term. The new building will enable us to expand our work and for the first time we will have the space to accommodate volunteers. We want to use this space to expand our work and improve our service to the blind and visually impaired in the Bethlehem area.


Our immediate need is for two volunteer teachers: 

An Orientation and Mobility Instructor & someone to teach “Independent Living” also sometimes called “daily living skills”. These two subjects are most important for blind children and adults in order to achieve full independence. Both of these specializations are sadly lacking throughout the West Bank.


Ideally a volunteer would stay for three to six months and would train a local person in the required skills to continue the programme after the volunteer went home.” 


Do you know somebody who could help? 

Do you have contacts with any local organisations working with the blind and visually impaired? 




Helen Shehadeh, Director Al Shurooq School for Blind Children Bethlehem


Email: info@nsfvh.org website: www.nsfvh.org




The McCabe Educational Trust is pleased to support this initiative and applicants should ask us for help with air fares and the logistics of travelling to Bethlehem. Helen will provide board and lodgings and pocket money to cover incidental expenses.

The picture with the two girls above shows Katherine who is currently volunteering her services at the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation, run by Helen’s brother Edmund. The McCabe Educational Trust were delighted to be able to support Katherine with a contribution to her travelling costs. To read more about Katherine and view some pictures click here

We are grateful to all the supporters of McCabe who helped us distribute £130,000 to very worthwhile ventures in the last year.

A special Thank You to McCabe pilgrims who helped us raise £7,606 during June - a total of £93,869far this year!

With your help, we will continue helping those in need we encounter on our travels

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