Templar Pilgrimage Trust

The Templar Pilgrimage Trust is a registered charity which gives grants to help people participate in pilgrimage. McCabe make an annual donation to the Trust which shares our belief in the value of pilgrimage. Perhaps you would like to enable someone to have the same experience of pilgrimage you have had. In which case, consider giving a donation. Perhaps, a grant from the Trust would help you to undertake a pilgrimage. In which case, apply to the Trust secretary. Each year the Trust disburses up to £3,000 in varying grants. 

To read the Trust leaflet and for further details click here

The Trust is part of the Grand Order of the Knights Templar and shares historic chivalric principles. To enter the world of the Knights Templar and read about the Templar Pilgrimage Trust in contextclick here 

Templar Pilgrimage Trust, 28 Clifford Road, South Norwood London SE25 5JS 

Recipients of grants are asked to provide the Trustees with a brief report of their experiences. Past recipients have included parish priests, lay ministers, school teachers and children, many from deprived communities 

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